About Us

The team behind Luminosity is well-travelled, well-respected, well-informed and dedicated to making your holiday dreams come true.

With a focus on the art of international travel, Luminosity is part of the Liberty Tours Group and has been helping Australians experience the world since 2017.

What sets Luminosity apart is the care and attention the team extends to each and every client – taking the time to understand personal likes and long-term goals to create the perfect itinerary every time.

Gain insights into cities, tricks of the trade to make airport transports super easy, secure exclusive cruise upgrades and connect with local guides.

Behind Luminosity are well known and respected global travel industry experts: Steve Cairns and Alex Lee. Established and active members of the Australian Federation of Travel Agents, they understand the challenges facing solo travellers, ways to make the most of package holidays, plus know the attention needed to effectively manage group and corporate travel needs.

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